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Our services cover all aspects of aircraft ownership and operation.


We will work with you to tailor a management package suited to your operational requirements, which can include any or all of the following services:



  • Aircraft pre-buy inspections acceptance flight

  • Aircraft acceptance flights for new owners

  • Ferry flights of purchased aircraft


Delivering a turnkey operation and facility

  • Operations consultancy and or setup

  • Aircraft fitting and furnishing



  • Hire pilots

  • We can provide pilots under our employment

  • We can consult with your company for the hiring of pilots under your employment

  • Initial and annually recurring flight crew training

  • Schedule, coordinate and supervise captains, co-pilots and contract mechanics as necessary

  • Oversee and approve flight crew expenses

  • We pair Senior Instructors with aircraft specific flight crew at regular intervals, ensuring that a high level of operational competence and safety is maintained at all times by all those crew. Through this we offer peace of mind and secure corporate travel.

  • Monitor crew performance, ensure that crew members maintain appropriate trainings and certifications, and evaluate crew member potential and development

  • Cabin crew training for VVIP operations. The back of your private jet has greater expectations than a first-class passenger. The flight attendants not only need to know all aspects of safety and emergency management but also how to deal with confidentiality, confrontations, and high expectations for food presentations and comfort.

  • Consultation on application processes for such certifications/licenses as AOC (Air Operator Certification), ASL (Air Service License), Part 91, Part 135.


  • Develop and maintain operating principles with a priority on safety, passenger convenience and efficiency.

  • Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations, manufacturers’ limitations and recommendations

  • Flight handling services, including:

    • Flight planning: coordination and scheduling of flight operations 

    • Rostering of crews

    • Monitoring the weather at destination, en route and alternate destinations

    • Runway analysis

    • Monitoring restricted air spaces, which change frequently

    • Ensuring that the aircraft and the fuel uplift not only meet legal requirements but are sufficient for prevailing weather expected en route

    • Flight logs and all required documentation

  • Develop / implement / enforce procedures to ensure that all embarked persons possess valid and current passports, visas, and any other required documentation.

  • Maintain current all required ratings, qualifications and certificates.

  • Filing of flight plans and managing of the most cost-effective routings,

  • Aircraft leasing

  • Short-term lease - for owners whose aircraft are in for scheduled maintenance and need to continue a seamless operation

  • Long-term lease - ongoing flight services to meet clients' aviation needs

  • Work with and manage relationships with the national FBO (fixed-base operator) chains and national fuel vendors to reduce cost and increase customer service.

  • Responsible for negotiating hangar lease and renewals.



  • Oversee daily maintenance and ensure that the aircraft is clean and ready at all times.

  • Oversee all maintenance operations to ensure the highest level of safety while avoiding waste and excess charges

  • If maintenance is to be done by employees, supervise all maintenance operations

  • If maintenance is to be contracted out to a maintenance organization, we can negotiate the contract, oversee the work and review the charges

  • Schedule all required periodic maintenance while avoiding scheduling conflicts


  • Develop annual budget and cash flow forecasts and monitor monthly deviations

  • Take responsibility for maintenance decisions

  • Review all expenditures

  • Work with the company’s accounting department to ensure that your asset is financially administered correctly

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